February 19th, 2017 - Sarthak

6 Reasons to Embrace Video Content Influencer Marketing

Videos are probably one of the most accessible and easy forms of content sharing which allows for a great deal of content to be conveyed in just a few minutes. Videos are steadily on the rise as an extremely popular social media tool (17% of social media content as of 2016). Here are some good reasons to begin focusing on video content as a part of your influencer marketing efforts:

1. It is Expanding

Over the past few years more and more services have begun to provide video streaming options in addition to their regular content. Facebook introduced video streaming as an alternative to YouTube a couple of years back, Instagram supports videos on its platform and Snapchat is soon shaping up to be the Millennials social media of choice with its creative video creation options.

2. More Engaging

Studies have repeatedly found that people react to videos much more actively to videos as opposed to photographs and text content on social media and even respond much more often to video advertisements in general. Video content is self-sustainable and remains popular for longer with a greater reach. (http://www.mycustomer.com/marketing/technology/online-videos-more-engaging-than-text-study-finds)

3. Subscriptions

Videos are most often posted by influencers who are regularly posting content on services such as YouTube. These influencers have millions of subscribers who keep up with only the best influencers making it good content producers great and great content producers the leaders of their industry. With over 5 billion video views daily on services such as YouTube with most of these videos belonging to a few thousand popular influencers it is important to partner with them to make the most out of influencer marketing.

4. More Personal

Unlike still images or text based content, videos are far more personal and interactive. They make viewers more engrossed and they relate better with the content shown, making videos an easy and accessible way to find product reviews and tutorials on various topics. Videos require a lot of research and time to produce as compared to images and text and hence often they end up being more credible and more enjoyable.

5. Ad Blockers

These days most users on social media use some form of advertisement blocking software to declutter their web browsers and this often affects advertising efforts by both companies and influencers. However, videos are unaffected by such software and add-ons so they are crucial to reach those viewers who have so far been out of reach due to ad-blockers

6. Relevant Posts

Unlike regular posts, subscribers are not forced to watch all the content that is posted by the influencers but instead choose what videos they want to watch. Due to this fact, many influencers end up focus on producing only certain types of videos on only a few topics making them perfect partners for marketing a brand that fits that field or influencer. In a nutshell, video content is perfect for targeted and niche campaigns.


So how do you get up and onto the video marketing bandwagon? How do you begin to engage with influencers to produce quality video content to promote your brand?

The simplest way to start is through Sociafluence with thousands of influencers across different fields and social media channels including the leading video platform, YouTube and with an emphasis on the Indian environment, one would be hard pressed to find an easier and more reliable method of co-partnering with influencers to create quality content.


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