February 19th, 2017 - Sarthak

8 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Simply knowing that influencer marketing is necessary or rather only wanting to delve into the field isn’t going to help you reach your marketing goals anytime soon. Sometimes after the questions of what, why and when are answered the question of ‘how’ needs to be addressed as well. Here are some established methods of engaging with an audience through influencers :

1. Offer Codes and Referrals

If the primary reason for you to approach influencer marketing is to boost sales (instead of just improving consumer image of the product) then the easiest way to do this will be through affiliated influencers who can market your product in a short message with a unique URL to the purchase web page of the product. This benefits both the consumer and the influencer as the consumers get to avail any offer that may be a part of the affiliation such as offer codes and referrals unique to the influencer.

2. Long-Term Ambassadors

Every now and then while conducting influencer marketing, you are bound to find some individuals who very aptly resonate with your product or brand. In such cases, it might be a very good decision to take up that individual as a brand ambassador, making the partnership even more stronger and potentially even more effective over time.

3. Publicity Events

Sometimes a brand needs to stand out and do something that no other competitor is willing to try and having a proper coverage of such an event is essential to make it as effective as possible. Such stunts might be on the lines of giving out food for free, holding fashion events, dog shows or even fun, competitive events to improve brand awareness which of course will be pointless without the social media coverage that influencers provide.

4. Giveaways

Who doesn’t like free stuff? The average consumer surely does and influencers would love to treat their audience to a nice little gift every now and then. Partnering with influencers for such giveaway competitions might just be the needed publicity push that your brand needs and the influencer too benefits out of it as the audience begins to flock around the people giving out these freebies.

5. Sponsored Blog Posts

There comes a time in every person’s life when they inevitably go online to search for information on products they wish to purchase. Such situations are crucial for brands as having positive and promotional blogs online can only serve to help brand image for years to come (unlike content on social media, independent blog articles stay relevant on the internet for long periods of time) and considerably improve your company’s SEO too.

6. Product Reviews/Mentions

These days, both the audience and influencers are quite savvy about the products they choose and use. Influencers will only stand behind products that they themselves believe in and so brands must make all the effort to create a seamless experience for these influencers to use their products. Approaching them in a friendly manner and asking them to experience your products is always a good start and if they feel comfortable enough then asking them to mention your brand will reap great dividends for your brand image amongst the consumers.

7. A Role in the Company

Even the most established of influencers are always on the lookout to expand their portfolio and add that extra feather in their hat. Most of the time, these individuals are particularly skilled in either marketing, creative content, product design or simply provide expert critique. These traits make them ideal for a role within your company and giving them a title, even if you aren’t hiring them, will do wonders to your public image and audience engagement. However, tread carefully since this is quite a big step and needs to be taken only after careful consideration and calculation.

8. Guest Blogging

Every brand must maintain a blog online to ensure customer engagement and to spread awareness about its services. Sometimes influencers who are knowledgeable and experienced in the field can provide important and legitimate insight into these products and services. Such articles can be extremely engaging and insightful while also benefitting the influencer as they gain engagement with the brand’s own followers to add to their consumers and followers.

There are numerous ways of conducting successful influencer marketing campaigns and sometimes it becomes difficult to categorise them all, one can argue that this list is far from comprehensive however the scope and scale of influencer marketing is only limited by the creativity of marketing campaigns and that is the true challenge in influencer marketing- finding what campaign suits your brand best and implementing it as well as possible. You can sign up as a brand on Sociafluence to explore more such campaigns.

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