February 19th, 2017 - Sarthak

Boosting Your Content Marketing Through Influencers

We have already established the core tenets of influencer marketing and some of its major merits as an alternative and complement to conventional marketing strategies but in a nutshell, influencer marketing is marketing through the voices of individuals with credibility and popularity in certain fields and social media networks.

A very unique aspect of influencer marketing is that it relies far more heavily on a company’s relationship with its influencers than the simple paycheque or transaction between organisations and individuals. It can be argued that this relationship when managed properly allows a company to share the credibility and hence gain the trust and support of the followers of that influencer. Influencers are incredibly capable of dictating public opinion and if you are the preferred brand of choice of an influencer, chances are that the followers will follow suit.

This trust can partnership can be beneficial for both organisations and influencers in more ways than one. For instance, an influencer with enough cohesiveness with a brand can often times voluntarily publish content either through their own independent channels or as a guest editor for a brand’s content marketing efforts.

Influencers can:

1. Provide quality and credible content

It is not uncommon for influencers to write about the stories of companies that they admire or partner with and as professionals with a knack for creativity quality content and with unsurpassed credibility in their social circles, they are a must have for any content marketing effort.

2. They expand your viewership

Influencers often have tens of thousands of followers and having such a large name on your brand’s blog and content forums only adds to the total brand awareness and engagement for your company. Moreover, these followers are more likely to pay greater attention to your content since their influencer has already endorsed your brand.

3. Spearhead your publicity

Influencers are not only credible and popular but they know the tricks of the trade, the trends and the ways to gain such success. Sometimes it might pay off to take the partnership between an influencer and a brand to create a much more integrated content production team. Influencers who work with a brand to co-produce content and write articles as a part of the editorial team are bound to be an absolute godsend for content marketing.

Influencers are the best content producers in their field and while few companies can hope to match their level of popularity, trust or even (excuse the pun) influence, companies and influencers can always work together towards a common objective and the best way to ensure that such a cooperation leads to success is to ensure that the influencers feel comfortable with your product and are themselves enthralled by it.


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