February 20th, 2017 - Sarthak

Influencer marketing helps in increasing mobile app downloads

Influencer marketing is darling of marketers for last year or so and with increasing digital spends more and more marketers are incorporating this strategy. But does it work for mobile apps ? Can anyone provide us wih a clear metric to link mobile app downloads to influencer marketing ? Well there is a way.

Why Mobile apps ?

With a mobile first approach of many companies, mobile apps are gaining a lot of attention from both companies as well as users. Typically if you see around yourself most of the users are busy with one app or the other. Whether you are using public transport or sitting in a bar, you would find people sorting out their daily chores, socializing through mobile apps.

On companies side, mobile marketing managers are having a specific KPIs not only limited to downloads but also to retention thereafter. They try different approaches from incentivize downloads to affiliate marketing for downloads but are they effective. Yes, but till the time you din't have analytics for Mobile app downloads from influencer marketing.

Success Story - Influencer marketing

We recently ran an influencer marketing campaign for a music player mobile app wherein a leading social media influencer created video integrating mobile app in it's content. The video was shared on Instagram & Facebook and has generated over 750k Views, 29k Likes & 4.5k Comments till now. Apart from this in first 5 days it lead to around 5000+ downloads for the mobile app through links given in the bio/post by the influencer.

This strategy proves the fact that people following influencers have a positive perspective on the product shared in the content and are very highly likely to use it for their personal use as well. In fact research into similar cases shows that people downloading the app due to influencers have much more retention than the other download strategies incorporated.

influencer marketing mobile app results

This strategy is being used across globe for different brands and the results are pretty similar to what we experienced. Avis, a leading car rental company from USA engaged influencers specific to their industry to increase mobile app downloads and it worked wonders for them with around 25 Instagram Posts, 3 blog posts, 97.2k engagements. Sample posts for the campaign (1, 2, 3)

Influencers are not only creating video but also share images highlighting the apps which leads to a positive impact on app downloads. Being content creators, influencers have many ideas up their sleeves when it comes to market mobile app through their content. So what are you waiting for, incorporate this strategy now and see a positive impact on your app downloads. Contact us.


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