January 12th, 2017 - Sarthak

Where do you belong to Mr.Influencer ?

With the growth of social media and with the growth of online media consumption, most of the content we consume nowadays comes in the form of digital media which more often than not is nothing more than content produced by influencers for their audiences to engage in a much better and intimate way than how conventional media would. 

It is inevitable then, that influencers would begin to specialise in some fields of comfort and choose a few forms of media to ensure they can maintain a close relationship with their fans. 

So let’s see how we can categorize the types of influencers you can come across in your Influencer Marketing Campaigns:

  1. Bloggers 

    These individuals range from cooking experts, parenting guides, tech reviews to just simply daily bloggers. Bloggers usually produce content through either web services such as WordPress or produce video content through YouTube. They will often focus on a niche topic and hence have an excellent relationship with their audience, making them one of the best options to start your Influencer Marketing Campaign with. 

  2. Celebrities 

    The Silver Screen is a powerful place indeed where a few minutes of fame can gain you a lifetime’s worth of admiration. This kind of admiration and following has led to many a celebrity gain considerable financial profit from brands who wish them to endorse a product. Be ready to shell out a bomb to get these individuals to market your products, after all they are worth their weight in gold to you.  

  3. Socialites 

    Wait, aren’t Socialites Celebrities? Well a socialite often spends most of his or her time on social media, commenting on just about anything and everything under the (hashtag trending) Sun. For a small fee, they wouldn’t mind spreading around your #NewProduct and will give that boost in reach that you’ll most certainly need. 


Where Can You Find Them and What Content Do They Make?

You can find these influencers on just about any social networking site but nowadays the trending way to connect to an audience is through visual media, not just text. 

  1. YouTube 

    Short five-minute phone reviews? Long detailed guides on getting that pre-shaadi makeup just right? Maybe just a movie review on the latest and greatest from B-Town? YouTube has it all covered in fun and visually appeasing content! There are nearly 55 Million Indians currently hooked onto this service making it an opportune moment to tap into this audience. 
  2. Instagram 

    But first, let me take a selfie. And post it. To Instagram. The #Hashtag Life. An Instagram account is dedicated to simply post photos and short videos on whatever it is that an influencer wishes to share. Facebook 
    The daddy of all social networking sites, Facebook is obviously a very important player in influencing the opinion of people. Just about anyone can influence anyone on FB, just by sharing, liking or commenting in favour of a product is enough to create a positive image for any product. Don’t just run your own FB page, try to enlist the services of those who already have a huge fan following. 
  3. Twitter 

    Ah the sky is the limit or so they said, but within the confines of Twitter’s strict character limit has led to creators having to use concise, creative and fun content in order to engage their audience. 
  4. Pinterest 

    A lesser known yet incredibly effective social media network, this website specializes in community-categorizing all its content into boards of similar photos and videos under a certain category. 
  5. Snapchat 

    The newest kid on the block and also perhaps the most popular with the up-and-coming generation of millennials, this channel happens to have the most advanced software and technology to help you turn into digital doggies (very adorable ones at that). 
  6. Facebook 

    A Social Media Platform that revolutionised how we connect with each other and has changed the way we share our memories with each other. This network is completely dedicated to providing anyone the ability to share their life events, photos, memories, thoughts, videos etc. with any of their friends online. Influencers on Facebook have the potential to exponentially grow into pages with millions and millions of daily engagements through simple and fun content. 

These days, anyone can be on social media but not everyone can be an influencer. These personalities can mobilize an audience and are experts at creating enjoyable, engaging content, two very crucial characteristics of an social media marketing campaign!


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